The Benefits Of Steel Frames & Trusses

Why Steel Framing?

Steel framing is built to last, with no twisting, sagging and shrinkage.

Using steel frames eliminates many of the maintenance issues, which can cause delays to builders onsite.

Using steel frames coated with zinc offers protection and helps prevent rust.

Steel Framing Benefits

The benefits of steel framing:

  • Pre-assembled & delivered to site
  • Available for residential & commercial
  • Christchurch manufactured
  • Delivery NZ wide
  • No steel shortage
  • Doesn’t distort

Building With Steel Framing

Steel can be assembled quickly and efficiently in all seasons. Frames are manufactured (in Christchurch) off site. A whole frame can be erected in a matter of days rather than weeks.

Steel framing is lighter weight relative to other framing materials such as concrete enables a smaller, simpler foundation.

Build Your Next Project With Steel